Residents in manufactured home communities need legal assistance. Adequate defense against park operators initiatives require high level knowledge of arcane laws. Few individual manufactured home owners have the resources to hire attorneys with expertise in manufactured housing law. What can an attorney do for manufactured home owners? If residents have a dispute with park operators, a letter from your attorney will get attention. Attorneys can help residents negotiate with park owners. They might review space lease agreements and recommend corrections. Legal professionals could help resident associations to incorporate and obtain tax-exempt status. Attorneys with knowledge of manufactured housing issues could advise local governments regarding legislation. Residents may consider litigation. Residents may not require an attorney to file a small claims court action. Attorneys can help file for a restraining order to temporarily put a hold on a potential park owner action. Residents may consider a "failure to maintain" suit. Home owners may need to enforce State laws through civil court actions. Park operators may breach their contracts with manufactured home owners. 
When residents retain an attorney:
i.     To be cost/effective, residents could do things to make the attorney’s job easier.
ii.    Residents should make a record by saving documents, taking photos, and writing letters.
iii.   Resident associations are the client and should manage the relationship.
iv.   The clearer and more focused about resident association goals, the better.  Manufactured home residents need to join together and pool their resources to find legal assistance. They can stretch the legal resources by finding partners. Likely partners include local governments, legal aid agencies, and law schools. Realists would start making these connections.

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May 9, 2014

Carl Eric Leivo

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