Legal Help

Residents in manufactured home communities need legal assistance but few residents have the resources. Residents can join together and find legal assistance.

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Breaking News

There will be breaking news at some time in your mobile home park. The public wants to hear the viewpoint of residents. Smart residents will not let this communication happen by chance.

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Residents must watch over and sustain their mobile home parks. No one else, not the park owner and manager, government officials, or others in the community, will take on this role.

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Senior Parks

Some park owners seek to convert senior mobile home parks to all age parks. Such changes can disrupt senior neighborhoods and hurt the value of mobile homes.

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Publication Guidelines

     Please share your ideas and answers and receive a free copy of the book MHP Living. These pages provide an opportunity to be published.

     Articles should be submitted by email to Please write "article submission" in the subject line. In the body of the email, please list the article title first and the author's name second. MHP Living asks that you include the complete text of your article in the body of the email instead of in an attachment. Please feel free to include any photos or graphics.

     Topics should be of interest to mobile home residents. Please keep articles to around 200 words. 

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