There will be breaking news at some time in your mobile home park. For example, the park owner may propose to raise space rents, there might be a health problem, or the owner may propose to close your mobile home park. The public wants to hear the viewpoint of residents. Smart residents will not let this communication happen by chance.
Journalists counter balance interviews from opposing viewpoints. They will seek out the resident’s perspective as well as ask for comments from park owners.
Media outlets face tight budgets. They like residents that save them time and money. Be considerate of the limited time and deadlines of reporters.
Reporters look for the personal touch. Set up interviews with articulate residents. Smart residents don't let pass such golden opportunities to present neighborhood viewpoints.
How do you prepare for a reporter interview? Your job is to inform, not to sell. Frame what you want to say ahead of time. Prepare five important points and fifteen to twenty supporting arguments. Presentations can be strengthened with anecdotes, stories, examples, statistics, humor, and photographs. When answering questions; identify the problem, give an example, and offer a solution. You answers should take sixty to ninety seconds.
Do not wait for interviewers to ask the right questions. Briefly answer a reporter’s question, say something like “but more importantly,” and discuss one of your main points. If there is a pause in the conversation, fill it with your next important point.

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Breaking News

April 3, 2014

Carl Leivo

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